11 things to remember when living in the Aquarian Age




原文作者:   Billie Atherstone

原文網址: http://kundalinihouseblog.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/11-things-to-remember-when-living-in-the-aquarian-age/

翻譯: Darshanjot Kaur



    • The Aquarian Age is characterised by “We do it together” rather than “I do it for myself” or “I do what I want”.  Ask yourself “Who should I be doing it with?” rather than “What do I do?”




    • Intellect is not enough.  Build your relationship to intuition, emotion and instinct.




    • There is a sense that we have less time and life is moving faster.  Remember to have gratitude for what is around us, realise the gift of each moment and express loving kindness and unity, to help ease your fears and insecurity.




  • Develop and integrate the spiritual side of life to balance out the technological and material sides.  Your spiritual fitness will reinforce your values and meaning.




  • Be a source of light.  People will come to you for guidance & support, as they will recognise that you embody something that they are quietly yearning for.  Use your words to uplift.




    • Live from your Soul and your Heart.  Live out your highest potential rather than continuing to hold on to the past, old habits, people and the familiar which gives a false or shallow feeling of security.




  • Be flexible and adaptable.  If you see a “sign” or your intuition is trying to tell you something, Act on it!!  The time is now.  Drop your fear and allow change to happen.  Don’t listen to your mind say “It’s not the right time right now…perhaps next year?”  Allow your dreams to manifest.


成為有彈性的並且適應力強的。如果你看見一個癥照或者你的直覺一直試著要告訴你某件事情。就去行動吧~ 就是現在。丟掉你的恐懼然後允許這改變的發生。不要去聽你的心智說:「現在不是最好的時間,可能是明年」允許你的夢去顯化~


  • Build on your inner world.  Each day commit to a practice which will nourish your heart and Soul.  Listen in and strengthen your ability to direct your mind so that it doesn’t continue to take you in a direction which doesn’t serve you.




    • Complexity is increasing.  Learn to deal with it.  Develop your own ‘Crisis Kit’ so you always have something to fall back on.  Go to a Yoga class, sit down and breathe, take a walk, stop…


複雜性正在增加。學習著去處理這複雜性。發展你自已的「Crisis Kit – 轉折點的工具」所以你總是有個方法(某事)可以在無其他辦法時依靠或求助。去瑜珈教室、坐下然後呼吸、走路、停止等等


  • Each decision, each action and each word we speak has an impact on our Self, our children and our global community.  We must consider the impact ecologically, environmentally and globally.




  • Practice kindness towards your Self.  We tend to be hard on our Self if we make a mistake or we don’t live up to our expectations.  Soften your judgement on your Self and that act of kindness will overflow to a kindness towards others.






Written by Billie Atherstone



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